Taylor Swift: Breaking Records and Personal Insights

Taylor Swift: Breaking Records and Personal Insights
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Monday 22 April 2024, 17:22
Taylor Swift has broken yet another record: with "The tortured poets department", the album released on April 19, she has become the most listened to artist in a single day in the history of Spotify. It's no longer surprising, after all, the popstar is one of the few to have built her billionaire fortune solely through music and concerts, without venturing into the beauty world as some of her colleagues have, starting with her best friend Selena Gomez. Despite this, she remains a very humble person with her feet on the ground. Or at least that's what Tyler Conroy, Taylor Swift's superfan who fulfilled his dream of spending a day with the popstar at her New York home, claims. When it comes to "swifties" (Swift's fans), Tyler is the number one, he has even written a biography of the singer ("Taylor Swift: This Is Our Song") and staged a musical in her honor. Following this last event, the popstar invited him to her home, along with other fans and the ever-present and protective father, whom Tyler remembers sitting on the sofa watching TV. And so the young man entered the Tribeca (the New York neighborhood) residence that once belonged to Peter Jackson. Indeed, it was from the "Lord of the Rings" director that Taylor purchased the house in 2014 for a total of 18 million dollars. At the time, the house already had seven bedrooms, but Taylor later expanded it by purchasing parts of the building next door and combining the last two floors to create a vast space, spanning 771 square meters. Today, the property is estimated to be worth 50 million dollars. Tyler describes the decor as rustic: the kitchen, for example, is country-style, with a large dining table at the center, yellow walls, white cabinets, and wooden beams along the ceiling. Other walls, however, are red, the sofas in velvet, and the chandeliers in neoclassical style. The upper floor, according to the fan, is the "Taylor floor": there, the decor is in old New York style. There is also a library where the singer often retreats to read "Harry Potter", but the highlight of the house is the bathroom: Tyler states that to get there, there is a door behind a bookshelf, as if it were a speak-easy. There, embroidered towels with the singer's initials are found, and even a Grammy. Taylor Swift has won a total of 14 Grammys over the course of her career, so it's no surprise that they are scattered throughout the house.
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