Dibu Martinez Stirs Rivalry in Conference League Quarterfinals

Dibu Martinez Stirs Rivalry in Conference League Quarterfinals
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Thursday 18 April 2024, 22:41

Winning a World Cup is always a great boast, and losing it in the final is a real slap in the face that is hard to get over. Especially when it comes to Argentinians and French. Reigniting the rivalry was Dibu Martinez, the Aston Villa goalkeeper who won on penalties in the Conference League quarterfinals against Lille. The Argentine goalkeeper decided to taunt the opponents after saving a penalty, with the referee not appreciating his gesture and giving him a yellow card.

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What happened

During the penalty shootout, Emiliano Martinez stood out by saving two penalties. After one of these, he thought it best to silence the French crowd by reminding them of the World Cup victory in Qatar. The gesture was reminiscent of Dybala, who in the derby argued with Guendouzi, heating up the atmosphere. To cool down the sky blue's arrogance, the number 21 of Roma showed him shin pads depicting him kissing the World Cup trophy, won precisely against Guendouzi's France. Dibu was thus given a second yellow card, but this did not lead to the expulsion of the Aston Villa goalkeeper, who was able to continue and complete the penalties.

What the regulations say

This was possible thanks to the soccer regulations, which allowed the goalkeeper to remain between his team's posts. The rule, in fact, states that yellow cards are not considered at this stage, but only red cards. This means that if a player is given a second yellow card during the penalty shootout, he can remain on the field completing the series from the eleven meters.

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