Sofia Goggia Opens Up About Her Severe Injury and Recovery Journey

Sofia Goggia Opens Up About Her Severe Injury and Recovery Journey
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Thursday 21 March 2024, 15:46
Sofia Goggia speaks out after the severe injury she suffered last February 5th in Austria. A bad fall during a race, the pain for the right ankle fracture, and the helicopter rush to the hospital. "In the first twenty days, I saw everything black. I reacted by thinking about the fact that I was not under the bombs in Gaza." This is how the skier commented, who spoke about the injury after several weeks from the operation: "I wanted to wait once the control diagnostic exams were done, otherwise I did not find the sense in talking. We did these exams last week. In the past, I have broken bones, but I have never suffered something as complicated as what happened to me on February 5th. I broke the tibial plateau transversely in several parts, a very strong compression and torsion trauma and the tibia shattered into several parts. The premises of the surgery were extremely complicated, because the CT scan was very bad and managing to build it was a feat for the orthopedists. The operation was perfectly successful. A great starting point for recovery, but we need to go slowly." Ski, Brignone wins the giant slalom in Saalbach: she is second behind Gut-Behrami. In the online meeting with the media, Goggia continued: "I have an 'L' shaped plate that holds my tibia but since the fracture is so low they made a very long cut to insert the plate. The timing for the return? The times are six months, the standard ones, once the bone has healed and if I have a body suitable for skiing I can even go before, I often came back earlier, shortening the times, something I do not want to do now but it is not said that I have to wait the canonical six months."
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