Sinner's Semifinal Clash Outshines Serie A in Viewership

Sinner's Semifinal Clash Outshines Serie A in Viewership
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Tuesday 16 April 2024, 20:18
Despite the defeat, Jannik Sinner's semifinal match at the ATP of Montecarlo against Stefanos Tsitsipas last Saturday made incredible numbers in terms of audience, even surpassing Serie A football. The Sinner match surpasses those of Serie A in terms of viewers. Just think that Inter-Cagliari at San Siro was the most watched match of the 32nd round of Serie A with 952,000 viewers. The match at Meazza was broadcasted by Dazn and reached very high peaks. The tennis match between Sinner and Tsitsipas, aired on Sky Sport, surpassed that of Serie A with as many as 1,087,000 viewers tuned in (about 8% share). Even though the Montecarlo was not one of the most important tournaments of the season, the 'Sinner effect' kept Italians glued to the screen. The peak of viewers was recorded during the third set, when everything was in the balance and Jannik seemed in control of the match, before the refereeing error and the subsequent physical problem that forced him to yield to the Greek's momentum.
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