Rescheduling of Udinese-Roma Match: Potential Dates and Challenges

Rescheduling of Udinese-Roma Match: Potential Dates and Challenges
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Wednesday 17 April 2024, 18:51

The Udinese-Roma match over the weekend was postponed due to a health scare involving Evan Ndicka, who collapsed on the field with chest pains at the 72nd minute. Fortunately for him, it was just a scare from an accidental elbow by Lucca that caused trauma to the central defender. After being transported to the hospital, the central defender was under observation with instrumental tests that did not show any cardiovascular problems. Now the real question is when the match will be rescheduled, with about 20 minutes left to play.

N'Dicka at home, the return can wait: pneumothorax diagnosis confirmed, now rest and then new exams


Udinese-Roma Rescheduling: April 25th Considered

The first date that seems more plausible for the Udinese-Roma replay is April 25th. On Italy's Liberation Day, the match valid for the thirty-second round of the championship could take place. However, this is only a hypothesis due to the return match of the Europa League between the Giallorossi and Milan. Should Dybala and his teammates advance, this date would be skipped with De Rossi potentially requesting to move the match with Napoli forward to Saturday, the 27th.


Why Not Early May?

Since April is not available, why isn't the Udinese-Roma match rescheduled for early May? The answer is simple: if the Giallorossi were to advance in the Europa League, then they would play the semifinal first leg on May 2nd, while the return leg on the 9th, making those two weeks unavailable for playing.


The Third Option: Between May 13th and 19th

Looking at the calendar, considering the possibilities already described, a good period to reschedule Udinese-Roma would be between May 13th and 19th. A week that would allow both teams to play, but only if Roma does not reach the Europa League final. This is scheduled for May 22nd, and for this reason, the penultimate round of the championship (scheduled for May 19th) could be moved up to the 17th of the same month. In addition, it should be considered that May 15th is the Coppa Italia final.


Last Option: End of the Season

If Roma were to reach the Europa League final, then the match against Udinese would be postponed to the end of the season, as could happen to Fiorentina and Atalanta if they were to reach the end of their competitions.

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