Paolo Belli: A Pause for Family Amid Health Crisis

Paolo Belli: A Pause for Family Amid Health Crisis
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Tuesday 16 April 2024, 09:09 - Last updated: 17:55
Paolo Belli is forced to stop, interrupting his theatrical tour "Just to Do Comedy". There is something more important to do. Something that requires his presence. He says it with tearful eyes, his voice broken by worry. But it is so. "With regret, I must interrupt my tour. My family needs me, my presence. The following dates will all be canceled". Antonella Clerici: "My daughter Maelle was not well, I thank the hospital for their care". The illness of the wife At home, his wife Deanna, to whom he has been tied for over forty years, awaits him. A faithful wife who discovered she has a serious health problem for which she was urgently operated on. "Yes, now I think only of being close to Deanna, it's the only thing that matters", writes the weekly Di Più Tv reporting a phrase that Paolo repeats to the people close to him, those with whom he finds the strength to not lose his irrepressible optimism. The son By Paolo and Deanna's side, there is their son Vladik, with his wife and their children, his grandchildren. They are the ones giving him strength in a special moment. On the other hand, "we have been married for forty years, plus three years of engagement, and she is as if she were one of my legs, if she were not there I would not be able to stand. Deanna is everything to me". A true love. Unique, strong, always alive: "With my Deanna, we met when we were very young, we were at the "Picchio Rosso", a disco in Formigine in the Modena area, where I grew up. She struck me immediately, but we were in the company of some friends and we just greeted each other. Fortunately, we saw each other again, we were in Riccione, at a bonfire on the beach, and since I really liked her a lot, to impress her I played my ace: I took my guitar, which I always carry with me, and sang for her. Since then we have never left each other". Past phrases, that the television magazine directed by Osvaldo Orlandini proposes again. Now, however, one must have strength, one must know how to react because even this difficult moment will pass. That is what he repeats to the people close to him. And not only his family members. Paolo Belli is a person who is receiving a lot of affection also from his fans, from those who have decided not to leave him alone.
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