Kate Middleton Spotted in Public with Prince William: Radiant and Relaxed

Kate Middleton Spotted in Public with Prince William: Radiant and Relaxed
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Monday 18 March 2024, 21:46 - Last updated: 19 March, 08:44
Kate Middleton was seen in public last Saturday while with her husband William at a local produce store near their Adelaide Cottage residence in Windsor. This was revealed on the front page by the Sun, which emphasizes how, according to testimonies gathered from those at the Windsor Farm Shop, the princess seemed 'happy, relaxed, and healthy'. Kate Middleton appears in a Windsor store with William: 'She was happy, serene, and relaxed'. It's the first time she has reappeared in public. Kate Middleton, here are the images of the first outing. 'After all the rumors that have circulated, I was amazed to see them there,' stated one of the sources collected by the tabloid. The news was then confirmed by images published exclusively by the American portal TMZ: in the video, it is possible to see Kate walking briskly out of the store, in the company of Prince William, smiling and without hesitation. The princess wears sport leggings and a jacket: a scene that does not suggest at all the decline of her health conditions. These are the first images of Kate after the storm generated by the 'edited' photo published on the occasion of International Women's Day. According to the Telegraph, the princess does not rule out returning to the spotlight on Easter Sunday and might join the family for the traditional walk, where she would be photographed. A palace source told the newspaper that there has been 'no confirmation in any case', adding that anything else is speculation. The news of an early return and her sighting in Windsor comes just a few days after the princess was photographed in the back of a car with Prince William as they left Windsor Castle last Monday. The Prince of Wales was on his way to Westminster Abbey for the annual Commonwealth Day service, while MailOnline explained that Kate was headed to a 'private appointment'.
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