Formula 1 Returns to Shanghai: Verstappen Aims for Victory

Formula 1 Returns to Shanghai: Verstappen Aims for Victory
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Thursday 18 April 2024, 18:26 - Last updated: 19 April, 16:05
Formula 1 returns this weekend with the fifth race of the season's calendar, which will take place in Shanghai, China. All drivers are preparing for the race, with Max Verstappen aiming to secure his fourth victory to further extend his lead over Sergio Perez, who is second in the standings at -13. Behind them are the two Ferrari drivers, Leclerc and Sainz, with the former being third in the standings with 59 points, while the Spaniard follows at 55 points. Sainz will join Alonso at Aston Martin or aim for Mercedes? Perez still in Red Bull with Verstappen Where to watch the Chinese GP The Chinese Grand Prix will be broadcast live on Sky, on Sky Sport Uno and Sky Sport F1 HD channels. Additionally, live streaming of the Shanghai circuit is also available on Sky Go and Now. Where to watch it for free If you do not have a subscription to Sky or Now, the Chinese GP is also available in delayed broadcast on Tv8, which will air the race footage in delay. The race schedule in Shanghai The Chinese GP features a double event consisting of the sprint race and the classic race. The first will take place on Saturday, April 20th at 5:30, with the delayed broadcast available at 10:30. The second race will take place starting from 14:00 Italian time on Sunday, April 21st. The schedule of the Chinese GP Friday, April 19th 05:30: FP1 09:30: Sprint Shootout Qualifications Saturday, April 20th 05:00: China GP Sprint Race 08:15: Warm Up 09:00: Qualifications Sunday, April 21st 09:00: China GP The delayed and free-to-air schedule Friday, April 19th 09:30 Sprint Shootout Qualifications (live) Saturday, April 20th 05:30 China GP Sprint Race (live) 10:30 China GP Sprint Race (delayed) 12:00: Qualifications (delayed) Sunday, April 21st 14:00: China GP (delayed)
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