Fedez Sells Coachella-Inspired Clothes on Vinted

Fedez Sells Coachella-Inspired Clothes on Vinted
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Thursday 18 April 2024, 20:50 - Last updated: 19 April, 12:50
Just returned to Italy after a short vacation in the United States, Fedez is back to his business. The rapper, always very active on social media, has put his clothes up for sale on Vinted, the popular app specialized in second-hand clothing. In particular, Fedez has showcased "20 beautiful pieces inspired by Coachella," the music festival that took place a few days ago in California. The prices? From 25 to 300 euros. And his "wardrobe" sold out in less than 48 hours.

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Fedez on Vinted, used clothes for sale

User reviews have been excellent: all 5 stars. And Fedez, who hadn't used Vinted since last year, gained 68,000 followers in two days.

Among the items for sale, a denim Gucci jacket stands out for 300 euros, but also a t-shirt with Jim Morrison's face for 25. Among the most popular brands are Saint Laurent and Dior. There are also many streetwear items, with brands like Drew House (Justin Bieber's brand) and Obey. There are also smaller brands like Amiri, Astroworld, and Hand Tex.

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