Dream Team Roma's Remarkable Journey to Regional Excellence in Under 16 Volleyball

Dream Team Roma's Remarkable Journey to Regional Excellence in Under 16 Volleyball
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Tuesday 16 April 2024, 22:38 - Last updated: 22:50

The Tiburtino society, founded in 2003 and committed to the dissemination of social values, has achieved a great milestone in Under 16, the Regional Excellence of the category, and is among the top 4 teams in Lazio.


The first regional semifinal in the history of the yellow-blue club, Dream Team Roma, is the result of a long and exciting journey. The double challenge with Volley Friends, valid for the regional final, indeed comes as the culmination of a season in which Under 16 of coach Luca Liguori wins Group C of the Elite championship with 24 points, without leaving any set to the opponents. Then the double success in the quarterfinals with Zagarolo by 3-0, and then the semifinal with Green Volley with two great matches (3-2 and 3-0) that have paved the way for the territorial final. The trophy arrives in the showcase after the clear 3-0 with San Paolo, which gives credit to a season as an absolute protagonist, and which has yet to end. Then the regional path: clear victories with Civitavecchia and PoolStars, and stop that comes only at the hands of Volleyro'. The victory in the tie-break at home with Pomezia, is the result of a mix of technique and character, which allows the yellow-blue girls to come back after being down 2-1 in the set count. Coach Luca Liguori wants to highlight what are the right ingredients at the base of the club's mission: "In the club, the staff carries forward personal development, at every moment the effect that the mind has on performance, and vice versa, must be evaluated. First of all comes the growth of the athletes, and their well-being, then the results come as a consequence. We are working for the next season (2024-2025), we will have many commitments, and we will also restart with important goals."

Under 13

Not only U16, but also the journey of Under 13 is excellent, vice-champion Elite, and second only to Volleyro'. The team of Claudia Nardinocchi is now facing the regional phase with equally positive and exciting results.

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