De Rossi and Roma: A Future Together Confirmed

De Rossi and Roma: A Future Together Confirmed
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Thursday 18 April 2024, 09:13 - Last updated: 19 April, 08:45
A meeting to write the future of Rome. Yesterday, Dan and Ryan Friedkin met with Daniele De Rossi and with him reached an agreement for the renewal of his contract. A sort of declaration of intentions, pending the actual signature, and an almost taken for granted choice by the management, which could only be satisfied with the team's performance since his arrival on the bench. But also a symbolic choice, with the announcement coming on the day of the return leg of the Europa League quarter-finals against Milan. Starting from the 1-0 of the first leg signed by Mancini: if Roma were to advance, De Rossi could also enjoy the deserved renewal. The new contract will probably be for two years, but there is time for details: Daniele wants to first focus on the end of the season. After a meeting held yesterday afternoon with Daniele De Rossi, we are pleased to announce that he will continue to hold the position of coach of AS Roma at the end of this season and for the foreseeable future. In his short tenure as head coach, the positive impact his leadership has brought to the entire club has continued the story of his extraordinary history with Roma. Daniele's guidance is marked by respect and courage, while his strength and confidence, deeply rooted in the club are in line with the values of Roma, the city, and our unparalleled fans. We will continue to work together with even greater commitment to offer the future that AS Roma fans deserve. We could not be happier to build a long-term project with Daniele. Further details will follow in the coming days. Forza Roma! Signed Dan and Ryan Friedkin.
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