Young Man Dies After Falling from Roof in Ball Retrieval Attempt: Organs Donated

Young Man Dies After Falling from Roof in Ball Retrieval Attempt: Organs Donated
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Friday 19 April 2024, 11:05 - Last updated: 11:16
He fell from the roof of a warehouse to retrieve a ball and was only 23 years old, Simone Bonato. The young man from Galliera Veneta fell to the ground twenty days ago and his condition immediately appeared desperate, and he went into a coma. Yesterday he died and his family decided to donate his organs. It was Easter Monday, Simone worked as a craftsman, and that day he was playing football with friends in San Martino di Lupari. At one point the ball ended up on the roof of a shoe factory and he offered to retrieve it. However, the roof did not hold and collapsed, causing the young man to fall four meters. When he hit the ground, his head violently struck, causing a major cranial trauma. Friends raised the alarm and when the rescuers arrived, they immediately transported him to Padua. Once at the hospital, the doctors decided to take him straight to surgery, but Simone never woke up and yesterday there was a tragic end after 18 days of coma and suffering in the Intensive Care Unit of the Padua hospital. The two brothers and parents decided to donate Simone's organs while the municipality where the young man lived shared a post on social media that carries the message of the mayor Italo Perfetti: 'In light of the premature death of our very young fellow citizen Simone Bonato, I join, together with the entire Municipal Administration, in the sorrow of all his family members, offering heartfelt condolences on behalf of myself and the entire community of Galliera Veneta'. Simone was crazy about the songs of the trapper Sfera Ebbasta. Friends had contacted the artist to ask him to dedicate a video to their friend. And so on social media the singer had fulfilled the wish: 'Hi, Simone, take care, get well soon. Be good, I send you a kiss,' he said. Now Simone's organs will help other people live.
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