Ukraine. "Italy increases military spending to 2% of GDP", yes from the Chamber. How much Russia and NATO spend on arms

Ukraine. "Italy increases military spending to 2% of GDP", yes from the Chamber. How much Russia and NATO spend on arms
by Gianluca De Rossi
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Thursday 17 March 2022, 11:19 - Last updated: 22 February, 13:17

Italy is starting to increase military spending . And the increase in how much the government will spend on weapons and defense is significant: almost half a percentage point of GDP more, with an allocation that will go from 1.57% to 2% of GDP, in line with the agreements made with NATO and to be carried out by 2024. An agenda proposed by the Lega party in the decree law Ukraine and approved by an overwhelming majority by the Chamber, Fratelli d'Italia included, except for the no of Alternativa, Europa Verde and Sinistra Italiana. The national secretary of Sinistra Itliana Fratoianni who cites the data of the Milex Observatory : "The Italian military expenditure will go from 68 million to 104 million euros per day, and from 25 to 38 billion every year".

The government, therefore, will have to "start increasing defense spending towards the 2 per cent target of GDP, giving substance to what the Prime Minister said in the Chamber on 1 March and preparing a path of stable increase in the time, which guarantees the country a capacity for deterrence and protection, in order to protect national interests, also from the point of view of the security of energy supplies”, states the Odg to the decrete law Ukraine.

The text obtained the favorable opinion of the government, which is committed "immediately, to increase the Fund for national defense needs at the earliest opportunity". However, the Lega asked for a vote "which is particularly important for the defense sector" said Roberto Ferrari .

Mulè ( FI ): "Awareness of the importance of the Armed Forces"

"In recent years, defense spending had an increasing progression - said Undersecretary of Defense Giorgio Mulè -. A further, very important step forward was taken with the approval in the House, by a very large majority close to unanimity, of an agenda that commits the government to increase defense spending towards the target of the two percent of gross domestic product. This guarantees the country a capacity for deterrence and protection: these are the key words for the protection of national interests also from the point of view of security and energy supplies ».

Conte (M5S): "The increase in military spending is not exciting but it is a commitment"

Is it right to increase the military spending? "I would be frank and I honestly, the vote didn't thrill me - said M5S leader Giuseppe Conte to Rai Radio1 this morning -. But beware: it is an agenda that reflects a commitment made by Italy at a summit in 2014, in which all countries committed themselves to updating their military tools and strengthening cybersecurity, and they agreed on an increase of the spending. Italy from that year to today has always been late in increasing. The agenda proposed by Lega party is a simple adjustment to a commitment already made. At a time when there is an expensive bill and an expensive petrol, I would not have all this enthusiasm in reiterating what was a commitment made some time ago ».

Acerbo (RC): "The increase in military spending offends the Constitution"

"The vote of the House in favor of an increase in military spending shows that in Parliament there is a single party of NATO and of war . No need to waste time with bipolarity which is just a scam. On the essential issues I always agree - said Maurizio Acerbo , national secretary of the Communist Refoundation - European Left. Bringing military spending from 25 to 38 billion a year offends our Constitution and millions of Italians who for years have been suffering the consequences of cuts in social and health spending. Instead of blocking the increase in bills and fuel prices, the government and the parties are thinking only of legitimizing themselves as faithful subjects of Washington ”.

Fratoianni (SI): "Reckless choice"

“According to studies by pacifist and arms trade control associations, this will mean for our country to go from 68 to 104 million euros in daily spending, and from 25 to 38 billion every year. An extra 13 billion euros. A thoughtless choice - said the national secretary of Sinistra Italiana Nicola Fratoianni -. And until yesterday they didn't even find 50 million for the mental health bonus ... is this the way the government intends to prepare "Peace"? Sinistra Italiana has obviously and with conviction voted against this umpteenth massacre".

Green Europe: "Against the increase in military spending"

"The request for an increase in military spending claimed through an Agenda presented to the Chamber of Deputies is shameful" on which "the parliamentary component of Europa Verde - Verdi Europei voted with conviction against, unlike all the other parties present who voted in favor ", say in a note the co-spokespersons of Europa Verde Angelo Bonelli and Eleonora Evi, together with the deputies Cristian Romaniello, Devis Dori, Elisa Siragusa and Paolo Romano:" We recall that the 27 countries of the European Union  according to the SIPRI data from Stockholm, already now spend 233 billion dollars a year on armaments, which is more than three times what Russia spends ».

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How much do Russia , Ukraine and NATO spend?

According to data from the Stockholm SIPRI (one of the most prestigious Peace Studies Institute in the world), military spending is estimated at a total of 1.981 billion dollars. The US is the first country in terms of spending, with over 766 billion dollars, representing 3.74% of the GDP, the Gross domestic product, and growing for the third consecutive year. China reserves a steadily increasing share of the military apparatus: + 76% in the decade 2011-20. India and Russia are also recording a growth.

Russia, which has grown steadily until 2016, has invested heavily in the last three years, reaching 4.26% of its GDP, Gross domestic product, at an expense of 67 billion dollars. It is the fourth largest country in the world for military spending in 2020.

Ukraine is in 34th place, with almost 6 billion. A value that means 4.13% of the national GDP. Its spending trend is growing: 10 years ago, spending was just over two billion.

NATO spends a total of approximately $ 1,103 billion, equal to 56% of global military spending. Among the top 15 countries for military spending in the world, six are NATO members: the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Canada. Together these countries reach a figure equal to 90% of the NATO coalition and 50% of global spending.

Italy remains in the European top 5 for spending and at the eleventh global position. SIPRI has estimated an expenditure of over 28 billion for 2020, with a significant increase compared to the previous year: 1.57% of GDP, equal to $ 478 each.

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