The Rise of Nove: Strategy, Stars' Earnings, and Market Impact

The Rise of Nove: Strategy, Stars' Earnings, and Market Impact
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Monday 15 April 2024, 19:22 - Last updated: 16 April, 17:55
Who is behind Nove? And how much do the hosts earn? These are some of the questions that have been circulating after Amadeus officially announced his move to the new television network, leaving Rai. The primary goal of Nove is to take space from Rai 2 and Rete 4. But the long-term plan is to challenge Rai 1 and Canale 5. Amadeus at Nove, what will he do (and how much will he earn)? From the pre-evening quiz to the musical show, what we know. Fazio is one of the leading names of Nove. He has signed a four-year contract with Discovery from which he will receive 2.5 million euros for each television season. Therefore, it is about 10 million euros in total. Figures significantly higher than those received by the host from Savona at Rai. There is a difference of about 300 thousand euros more. On the network, there is also another well-known face, that of Maurizio Crozza who, with his highly satirical-political show Fratelli di Crozza, has excellent feedback in terms of share (about 5%). At the end of 2021, the turnover (last filed balance sheet) was 259 million euros from revenues (essentially advertising), with a net profit of 21 million euros. In 2023, it had an average of 8.6 percent share. The group is led in Italy by Alessandro Araimo and is based on Warner Bros. Discovery is one of the most important American giants in the media sector. Among the most well-known networks internationally are HBO and CNN. Nove was born in 2015, after an agreement between the Gedi group - at the time the L'Espresso publishing group - and Discovery Italia for the sale of Deejay TV. The first significant acquisition was that of Maurizio Crozza, who left La 7 for the new network. But also, sports have an important share. Like the "fight of the century" boxing match between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao or the US Open tennis final between Roberta Vinci and Flavia Pennetta.
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