Maria Teresa Ruta's Twelfth Marriage: A Journey of Love and Tradition

Maria Teresa Ruta's Twelfth Marriage: A Journey of Love and Tradition
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Friday 19 April 2024, 11:20
Maria Teresa Ruta is getting married, for the twelfth time. The wedding with her partner, with whom she has been for over 20 years, Roberto Zappulla will take place next October 23 and this time it will be a traditional ceremony. She herself will make the announcement at 'Storie di donne al bivio' in the episode scheduled to air on April 20, 2024 hosted by Monica Setta. "We plan to get married on October 23," says the former protagonist of Big Brother, new grandmother, and future bride Maria Teresa Ruta. And with Roberto Zappulla (record producer) the 63-year-old showgirl will say 'yes' for the twelfth time, after the first eleven in various ceremonies and events experienced around the world. For the twelfth wedding, Maria Teresa Ruta opts for a traditional and Italian matrimonial event, in the beautiful country. The first marriage had taken place in Africa, Maria Teresa Ruta then said yes on a sailing ship, but also underwater in front of the Christ of the Abyss. In an interview, she had mentioned that her partner had never been married and wanted to do it, while she was waiting for the official divorce from her first husband Amedeo Goria, so in the meantime they decided to do it following different rites around the world. During the interview, Maria Teresa Ruta shared that she would have liked to have a child with her partner Roberto Zappulla: "I regret not continuing on the path of assisted procreation, we stopped because I was afraid that my two children Guenda and Gianamedeo might suffer. And instead, years later, they were the ones who told me they would have been happy to have a little brother or sister, because I was a wonderful mom." But now she is happy and looking forward to her grandson Noah, very much wanted and awaited. It was not easy indeed for Guedan Goria and Mirko Gancitano to conceive. Maria Teresa and Amedeo Goria's daughter had had an ectopic pregnancy in the past with the consequent removal of a fallopian tube and was told that it would be almost impossible to have a child naturally. Instead, after 3 years of trying, they succeeded, and the future grandparents are very happy.
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