Kate Middleton Spotted in Public After Months of Privacy

Kate Middleton Spotted in Public After Months of Privacy
by Veronica Cursi
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Tuesday 5 March 2024, 11:54 - Last updated: 10 March, 11:13
It's 9 o'clock on the morning of Monday, March 4th, near Windsor Castle. A black Audi appears on the road: inside there are two women, but not just any women. Driving the car is Caroline Middleton, mother of the Princess of Wales. Beside her, on the passenger side, there she is: Kate Middleton reappearing in public after almost 3 months of absence. This is the first time the princess has been spotted since she celebrated Christmas at Sandringham with Prince William, their children, and the rest of the royal family. Kate, who underwent abdominal surgery on January 18th, has since been in absolute secrecy. An excessive secrecy that had prompted the media to ask for explanations from Kate and William's offices at Kensington Palace, after absurd theories about the princess's whereabouts had exploded on social media. The photo: where it was taken Kensington Palace clarified that the timing of the princess's recovery had already been indicated (after Easter) and that Kate continues to be "well". And so there she is, the princess: her long hair loose over her shoulders, the casual look, the dark coat, the sunglasses. The photos were published by the American gossip site TMZ but did not appear in the United Kingdom, in any press outlet: and this is because Kensington Palace had launched an appeal so that she could recover in private. The photos were taken just before 9, it seems that Caroline and Kate were returning from the school of the princess's children. Where she is spending her convalescence Kate Middleton, after the abdominal surgery she underwent in January (there are many hypotheses about the surgery but none confirmed), has indeed returned to Windsor Castle, to then continue her convalescence at the family's country house in Norfolk at Anmer Hall. If the Princess of Wales recovers according to plan, her first public engagement could be at the family service at St George's Chapel in Windsor at the Easter Mass. The last public image of Kate Middleton dates back to Christmas when she was photographed with the whole family. A spokesman stated that it is Kate's personal wish to keep her medical information private and said that he would provide an update only if there were "new significant information to share". The absurd theories The shots of Prince William's wife reassure that the royal is not in serious health conditions nor in a coma, as had been thought in recent days. It is not possible to understand how Middleton is doing although someone notes that she appears tired. There's even speculation that it's not her. For many, however, without officially showing herself to the world with a posed shot (as she had already announced) Kate would have let herself be paparazzied, with a timing that is not casual, to calm spirits and give a silent but firm update on her health.
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