Assunta Almirante, fascist salutes at the funeral in Rome: Fini is not there but the ex-wife Daniela Di Sotto arrives

Assunta Almirante, fascist salutes at the funeral in Rome: Fini is not there but the ex-wife Daniela Di Sotto arrives
by Mario Ajello
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Thursday 28 April 2022, 17:57 - Last update: 29 April, 01:02

There is no Fini at the funeral of Donna Assunta ("If he arrives we will beat him", someone says) but there is his ex-wife Daniela Di Sotto. «She is one of us», they all say, «not like that "badogliano" Gianfranco ...». And who knows if Daniela, who has never denied her love for the "Fiamma" or even Lazio (a great partner of the Lazio Canottieri club on Lungotevere Flaminio and also president of Lazio "Calcio a cinque" as well as a fan of the blues and whites), will now become the queen mother of post-fascism in the Roman style since the owner is no longer there.

Assunta Almirante, Giorgio's widow died at the age of 100: she was the guardian of the secrets of the right and liked by many on the left

Emotion and Roman greetings

Emotion at the cerimony for Almirante's widow who died the other day at 100 and now a beautiful mass for her in the artists' church in Piazza del Popolo. Daniela Di Sotto was revered by the participants ("As long as she was in charge, as wife, Fini ran straight ...") in this mix of nobility (princes or super-right aristocrats here and there in the sacred aisles), centrist ( eye to Gianfranco Rotondi), of pop (former militants of the MSI between Colle Oppio, Tuscolano and Primavalle with a bull neck and a powerful physique but who became good and plump more after the 70s: "We were boys and in those days we liked to do the tough ones, but in our soul, as Almirante, we liked Berlinguer too "), of the Capitoline drawing room (Marisela Federici, Marisa Stirpe: it is a pity that Lellona Bertinotti is missing), of Berlusconi for gallant dinners (look who you see: Gianpy Tarantini, that of the Olgettine, but he goes away before the exit of the tricolor flag-flagged coffin), socialists like Donato Robilotta (mythical Psi regional councilor but on the track also successively and excellent character: "Donna Assunta has always defended Craxi"), "Alleanza Nazionale" with all its currents united (the Social Right of Storace, Alemanno and the Sicilian governor Nello Musumeci), The "Protagonist Right" of Gasparri and La Russa), the invincible world missino-pariolino (the magnificent Pippo Peppe, whom the former comrades call Lippo stands out above all), entrepreneurs like Angelucci (and friends tell him: "Without Peppino Ciarrapico and Donna Assunta we all feel more alone" and he nods and he is dressed like a young boy to hide the years passing by) and above all Giorgia Meloni (much admired by those present: and after Donna Assunta she is the queen mother, but watch out the success of Danielona ex Fini).


Not to mention the family members, who obviously took center stage (their daughter Giuliana was missing, because she has Covid). A funeral that is not "fascist" or not just fascist, to put it in retro language, but rather variegated. But if the fascist salutes would have been missed at the end, the scene would have been a bit hypocritical. So, here they are: about thirty outstretched arms. Plus the most obvious chorus repeated several times: "Camerata donna Assunta ... Present!". Someone adds: «A noi! (here's to us!)». The politicians pretend not to hear and all the others are not surprised and not indignant. While Meloni, when the outstretched hands and the battle corous rised, has already gone away.