Amadeus' Departure from Rai: The Truth Behind the Rumors

Amadeus' Departure from Rai: The Truth Behind the Rumors
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Monday 15 April 2024, 20:25

Among the reasons for Amadeus' departure from Rai, there was not the - unheeded - request for a show for his wife Giovanna Civitillo. Following the latest rumors, the host indeed denied this hypothesis today, reaffirming that he would have «never made any requests to favor relatives or to exclude past collaborators, contrary to what has been circulated in the press in recent days». Nonetheless, the woman by the side of the former DJ and showman has been the target of numerous online criticisms, with some still considering her the responsible for the breakup with the company of Viale Mazzini.

Amadeus, the post on Instagram to say goodbye to Rai: «It was not an easy choice. Never made requests to favor my relatives»


Who is Giovanna Civitillo

Giovanna Civitillo was born in Vico Equense, in the province of Naples, on September 9, 1977 (she is 46 years old). She began studying classical and modern dance in 1986. In 1994, she graduated with the role of Teresina in the ballet “Napoli” by August Bournonville at the Teatro Bellini in Naples. During her studies, she participated in various national and international dance competitions. As a soloist, she won the third prize at the Genzano di Roma competition and was a finalist at Rieti in the International Dance Week. 

The career

Her career in the entertainment world began two years later when she participated in Rai 1 programs Unomattina and Macao as a dancer. In these roles, she took part in other TV shows in the following years including "Fantastica italiana" in 1997, "Carramba! Che sorpresa" in ’98, "Beato tra le Donne '99" and "Domenica In" in 2001. 

The “shake”

What remains indelibly in the minds of Italians is definitely her "shake" that knocked down the artistic director of Sanremo. The more attentive would have immediately noticed the looks between the two on the Rai program: indeed, it was impossible not to notice how Amedeo looked at the dancer. Their love, which had been dreamy from the start: the chemistry was evident and when the couple officially announced their relationship, it was certainly no surprise to anyone. Between the host and the showgirl, there is a 15-year age difference: at the time of their meeting, Amedeo was married and already had a daughter, with whom Giovanna has an excellent relationship. 

The controversy over her dances

From 2002 to 2006 she was alongside host Amadeus in the Rai 1 game show L’eredità. During her participation in the program, she was the target of criticism by the then president of Rai, Lucia Annunziata. According to the president, in fact, Civitillo's interludes were excessively provocative and not suitable for the time slot in which the show was broadcast. Amadeus, now the dancer's partner, took care of the matter. The controversy subsided, the interlude was modified but not eliminated as was previously anticipated. 

How the love with Amadeus was born

In an interview with Mara Venier in 2019, it was Amadeus himself who told their love story. It seems that the artistic director of Sanremo 2024 (and the previous ones), during a break between the recordings of the program, sent her a note asking her to have a coffee together. Thus, they began to see each other and soon became a steady couple. In 2009 their son, Josè Alberto Sebastiani, was born. In the same year, Giovanna and Amadeus got married in a civil ceremony. Ten years later, after the annulment of the host's previous marriage with Marisa Martino, the couple got married in church, in Rome.

The 2020 to 2021 editions of the Sanremo Festival hosted by Amadeus also saw a leading role (as a correspondent for Rai programs) for his wife. Needless to say, the issue sparked controversy. Thus, last year Giovanna follows the festival from the front row. But at Sanremo 2023 Giovanna Civitillo returns as a correspondent for La vita in diretta, the controversies are there, but less noisy. And stealing the scene was the skit between the woman and Anna Oxa. Giovanna Civitillo tried to stop the big contestant to release an interview but she did not stop ignoring the showgirl completely who replied in general embarrassment «No, we can't ask her a quick question. We'll try again another time then». But the response from Anna Oxa's entourage was immediate. «Anna Oxa was not supposed to give interviews. She was at Sanremo for already agreed reasons: to present the title of the song and take a photo. All this for free because everyone knows that unlike other artists, she is not in dispute with Rai» these were the words that appeared on Facebook.


The separation from Amadeus (on Instagram)

Until recently, she had an Instagram profile, shared with her husband «just for convenience» (she explains), which boasted 572,000 followers. The couple shared together shots of their passions, between sports and dinners with friends, and work successes. Then Chiara Ferragni arrives at the Ariston and everything changes. The digital entrepreneur opens a private account for Ama (@amadeusonoio) which in just two days reaches 1.2 million. Thus, magically the account @giovanna_e_amadeus disappears and becomes @giovanna_civitillo which has the blue check (assigned to "vip") but which has "only" 707,000 followers. In short, Giovanna and Amadeus have "separated" but only on instagram because in private life they are very close. 

Sanremo 2024

Throughout the week of the Sanremo Festival 2024 Giovanna was also radio presenter for Rai Radio 2, paired with Andrea Delogu, at the helm of the program The two's version, whose live broadcasts were aired from a studio set up right next to the theater. 

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